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Our Loyalty

Meet the Studio E mascot Stu E. Stu E is loyal and consistent. Sometimes his humans feed him late, but Stu E remains the same. Sometimes his favorite globe chew-toy rolls behind a desk out of his reach, but Stu E remains the same. Sometimes Stu E needs to be walked (because he never leaves an “uh-oh” where he shouldn’t), but Stu E remains the same as he sits at the door waiting to be let out to handle his business. No matter what happens, Stu E always remains the same. His loyalty and his love never changes.

We desire to be as loyal as Stu E is to our clients and the integrity of our organization. No matter what happens, we desire to create designs and experiences for our clients that express commitment and loyalty to them and their needs.

Stu E is a perfect example of that loyalty that we at Studio E desire to mimic.